"In Situ" art exhibition 2015/2017

Centre culturel Jean Verdier 2015/ Atelier Est 2017

Private collection.

"Old country houses where the smell of musty wood is everywhere, where sheets are dancing at the whim of the wind lying on the clothesline. A pause, the quiet, the material is marked by a secret, a definition beyond the meaning of words. I love losing myself in those places where we find ourselves, invite me there or I'm maybe not. Soothe the soul, brighten his mood. A perpetual quest since my arrival in the metropolis. I emphasize the image of the window, the escape it provides. Through it I try a new encounter with nature, amazed by its simplicity, its beauty. The excitement about the discovery of unusual places, mysterious, looking for treasure where calm and fullness reside, where time has stood still leaving only the neglected field of debris and spider web as ornaments. A window giving access to a pictorial reality."