"Ex Situ" argentique art exhibition 2017u

Atelier Est 2017. Private collection.

Definition: Refers to the existence of an organism or group of organisms outside its natural environment. Commonly associated with botanical or animal collections in gardens or zoos.

From these monastic wanderings comes the satisfaction. In the absence of nature, source of fullness, it is the nights cradled by the mist which come to appease these abrupt landscapes, to veil the horizon, to make the wandering mystical. These nocturnal wanderings lead to tranquility in these places yet so agitated that are the cities. The monotony of darkness, the silence of these spaces, disturbed at other times, free all people from these artifices. Here the possibilities are endless. I insist on the nebulous aspect of this series, guidelines towards the vagueness, the continuity of a march towards the uncertain while getting to know ourselves better. The punctual lights help to read the veiled spaces as would moments of lucidity in these urban emanations.